Thursday, January 29, 2009

Courtesy of Sports Illustrated

Ok tennis fans, here is something you guys might have missed last night, or shall I say this morning.
A five set epic story in tennis, where the old school finally meets the new age, a few mistakes here and there, and out of nowhere Andy Roddick starts to feel the pressure.
The match seem to be favor to Roddick for some time, but Federer was putting up a great match, it was until Federer started to play the video challenge that it truly inspired him to grasp the reins of the match and take it to a great victory.
I got to tell you that Roddick face took a 180 degree turn after Federer made those two consecutive video challenges, and got them right. Federer knew he was back in business and his future date in the finals was looking brighter by the minute.
Roddick was doing a hell of a job, returning services, putting the ball to the edge, painting the lines, but Federer did an even better job of painting those lines and calling does challenges.
If Federer continues his winning streak, and wins the open, he will equal Pete Sampras record of major final appearances and based on this morning match, a whooping 6-2 7-5 7-5, we are definitely in for a treat for the finals.
If the final match is anywhere as close to this one, compared to challenges, great plays, and wearing down the opponent while making him dance to the beat of Federer’s music, just like he made Roddick dance from side to side of the court, making him hit high balls and low balls, I am sure the final match will be as exciting as this one.
Federer will now move forward to play to either one of two great players, Rafael Nadal or Fernando Verdasco.


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