Wednesday, March 25, 2009

If you are following the shows, this one should be very interesting for you guys.
In this chapter Roberto tells the team players that in order to become better players they need to start by kicking the ball everywhere they go. At first, the team starts having problems controlling the ball, but the quickly improve their skills significantly, although you will have some good laughs while they train. The team must also practice for the next encounter against the San Francis School, a team that defeated them 30 goals to nothing on the last encounter. But Roberto has placed Oliver as the goal keeper, what can this mean? Oliver is the star player and needs to be up front and center, but I’ll let the video explain this to you.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oliver has determined to play for the Niupi school, and it is time for the first day at school. As some of the school students receive him in a very welcoming way, they let him know about the inter-collegial tournament that will take place very soon. On the other hand, Roberto Sedino, who has become his new coach, also faces a personal dilemma that prevents him from playing professional soccer, but Roberto is now determined to help Oliver become a professional soccer player. Roberto has a surprise set for Oliver and the Niupi team, which will give the team new found confidence.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

In this chapter, Oliver’s challenge against Benji takes place in the soccer field, but Benji ads a small twist to the challenge by asking Oliver to take upon the whole team by himself, and the try to score a goal against the famous and unstoppable Benji Price. Taking his best friend at his feet, he drbbles between the entire team and takes the ball all the way to Benji’s goal. Although he missed the first attempt, he receives a pass from Roberto Cedino and quickly takes the opportunity to score a head goal against Benji. Right after this Oliver decides to assist the Niupi school, the eternal rival of the San Francis school (where Benji attnds school). With Oliver as the “ A” player and Roberto Cedino as the new coach, the schools will now face off on a great match.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

As time has come to pass, so does our childhood memories, but during this past few weeks I looked into my inner child only to realize how much fun a person can have as a child.
I see the kids in my neighborhood playing soccer in the afternoons and it brings great memories of my childhood back of when I used to be the kid in the block playing soccer with my friends. However my memories also brought me back one of the best anime stories of all times, one that was correlated with that moment of my life, Captain Tsubasa (Los super campeones Latino, Oliver y Benji Spanish). For those who remember the anime, you will have some great memories watching the video, and for those who have not heard of it, I hope you enjoy the series as much as some of us did when we were kids.

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