Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It is obvious that Chase Budinger didn't appreciate getting his face intentionally stepped on by the Arizona forward Huston's Aubrey Coleman in the second half of their game Saturday. As Coleman walked over Budinger, he appeared to stomp on Budinger's face “purposely”. Some might say that it was an accident, but needless to say, it was his face.Now, how would you react if someone stomped on your face? Budinger, probably reacted the same way you would have, rather swiftly. Luckily the officials and other players intervened quite quickly, before any punches were thrown.

Arizona ended up winning the basketball game with an amazing comeback in the last minutes to force overtime. You think that the little altercation provide the necessary motivation the Wildcats needed, as they majorly outscored Houston the rest of the way? Of course, and lets us not forget that Houston lost their best player, Coleman, after the little incident.
Coleman has now officially, apologized to Chase according to
“I want to apologize to Chase Budinger for what happened Saturday night. I never meant to step on him,” “I have never been in an incident like this before, and I have nothing but respect for him as a great player. I love the game too much to do something like that intentionally. I want to say I am sorry from the bottom of my heart,” Coleman said. “I know that God knows what is in my heart, but I am hopeful that Chase will understand and forgive.”
Well, that God line makes it sound like it really comes from the heart, very sincere. But note that the actions speak louder than words, and that stomp looked anything else but unintentional. Coleman is either very great actor or very sloppy with his feet when there is a player underneath his feet. Like in every incident story, these two will probably see it as a moment in sports and forget about it and continue a great friendship in the name of sportsmanship.


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