Monday, January 26, 2009

Valentines is coming up pretty close now, and a word of advice would be to plan for it and not to procrastinate any plans.
If you have a significant other, you might want to start thinking about the what, where, type of questions because I guarantee you that if you miss it, your current relationship will be a thing of the past.
Here is a tip for most people, when they tell you they don’t want anything, they are lying bug time, all they are really implying is that you should figure out what will they like and put a little effort in finding what your partner really wants and likes. Go get it for them, wrap it nicely, have a nice dinner with some candles (not too many), and spend some time listening to music while having a moment to laugh at each other. If you do this right, well hopefully you will be rewarded equally or better.
Ok maybe you are not the cooking type, you can always take a walk in the park, the beach, a picnic, or if the budget allows it, then take them to a nice restaurant have some wine and hear each other out.
But whatever you do, please do not FORGET valentine is on February 14.


Michelle said...

awww muy lindo el post gio!!!!! por fin llegue a tu famosos blog jejjeje ta muy bueno!!! Con ese post, me imagino q le tendras un muy buen valentines day preparado a pao!!! jejejejjejjejejejeje ;)

Gio on February 1, 2009 at 11:00 PM said...

Of course Michele, you know how I treat my wife, she deserves everything and then some. Thanks for looking me up and leaving me a great comment. Feel free to come back any time

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