Sunday, January 25, 2009

You guys have to see this fight over and over again, after just three minutes of fighting Fedor knocks out Arlovski.
I got to admit that Arlovski was having a good fight last night, at first it seemed like he was beating Fedor to the punch and landing some good kicks, one of them even push the WAMMA champion into a corner making him seem a little unstable. Continuing his attack Arlovski tried to finish Fedor with a flying knee, but Fedor had something saved for him.
In the middle of the flying knee kick, Fedor countered the kick with a right hand punch to the head that automatically stopped Arlovski in mid flight, and finishing him of laying flat face on the ground.
Fedor knocked Arlovski in only 3 minutes and 14 seconds of the first round, adding Arlovski to the list of UFC champions defeated by Fedor.
If you miss the match, please enjoy the video.


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