Saturday, August 15, 2009

Origen, Coexistir

Here is something that is coming strong in the south Florida bay area, this upcoming band called Origen, is composed of a group of friends that started out in high school and now are packing the night clubs and are booking openings for major concerts. Their new video of the song Coexisitir has had a great succes in the Florida area, and it will be great to hear this guys in a tour one day!!! I specially liked the two smoking girls at the bar, and the Marine Veteran sceene, let me know what is your opinion!!!
Got to admit it, the singer, Mirs, short Fort Maria Isabel, is smoking!!! and the guys are easy on the eyes too, but I'll stick with the Mirs!!!
Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did and if you hear them on the radio, or even see them on the street, dont forget that they are also very cool people!!!


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