Sunday, August 30, 2009

Last night Gloria Estefan and her Husband were celebrating her birthday at Bongos in Miami along with many other people. I must say that she was extremely nice to take hundreds of pictures with almost everyone at the club scene last nigh. Picture after picture she smiled at every camera and enjoyed the time with her fans.
As the night became morning and we were leaving the club, we were lucky to get one more shot with Gloria Estefan before she left, and even after 5 hours of extreme partying, she smiled at the last picture we took of her that evening!!!

Her music has always inspired and bring joy to the people, but her charisma and great sense of nobility makes her a Star and someone to look up to, go Gloria!!!

Just as Gloria was out and celebrating her birthday, we were out doing the same for our dear friend Angelica, and guess what, we took a shoot of her and Gloria Stefan.

Happy Birth Day!!!


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