Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I am sure some of you might not like this cartoon, but you might like all the mix martial arts involved in it and hopefully it will make you get up and see this movie this coming summer as I will do too!

Originally a Nickelodeon TV series set in an Asian influence world of martial arts and elemental manipulation. The plot of the series is for Aang, the air bender; who uses air bending or Ba Gua an art with dynamic circular movements and quick directional changes, this technique uses centripical force to generate power, and uses nearly constant circular movement to create angles between the combatants; to rise up as the new Avatar and master of all the elements, and prevent the Fire Lord and the fire nation from conquering the world.

Noah Ringer as Aang, The Avatar

Aang finds out at the age of 12 that he is to save the world as he is the succesor in the Avatar line, but knowing he is merely a child, he flees and secludes himself from the world in an air-iceberg. One hundred years later (yeap 100 years) pass by and two kids "Sokka and Katara" stummble upon the iceberg and free the Avatar from its frozen state, only to find out that the world he remembers is long gone.

In the First book, Aang travels along with his new friends to the north pole to seek a Water bender master to teach him the ways of water bending. The martial art that identifies with the element is known as Tai-chi which focuses on alignment, body structure, breath, and visualization.

Nicole Peltz as Katara
Jackson Rathbone as Sokka

But he is "hunted" down by the banished fire prince Zuko, who intends to gain back his reputation by capturing the Avatar and returning him to he Fire Lord.

Dev Patel (from slum dog millionaire) as Prince Zuko

On the Second book, Aang masters the earth bending technique when a blind Earth bender (Toph) teaches him the arts of Hung Gar. A style of martial art that has firmly rooted stances and powerful strikes to represent the solid nature of earth.

In this book, he is still follwed by Zuko, but now Zuko's sister "Azula" tags along to fight Aang and eliminate him. But Aang and his friends find out about a solar eclipse that will leave the fire nation voulnerable for a samll period of time, leaving the fire Lord at his weakest, a perfect opprtunity to attack.

On the third book, Prince Zuko stops the hunt for the Avatar and joins him in the quest to stop the Fire lord from conquering the world, thus he becomes Aang fire bender Master. Fire bending is known as Northern Shaolin Kung Fu uses strong arm and leg movements.

Cliff Curtis as the Fire Lord Ozai

Here is where all the action and fighting takes place as the Avatar and his friends face off the Fire Lord and his daughter Azula in an epic batlle.
The movie is to be released on June 2 2010, and if they mix all of the element the cartoon presents, with the hi-tech special effects and a good cast, its guaranteed to be a hit in the theaters.


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Thanks for all the insightful information. I can wait to see how they are going to achieve the timeline on the movie screen! I just hope they do a good job, because the cartoon is really good!!!

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