Monday, February 9, 2009

Enduring 2012

There has been rumors about the end of the world for as long as I remember, some include the Y2K, the Antichrist, and more, but as time goes by humanity and all living things has continued to survive.
If you find time and you don’t know what else to search in the internet, try going to Google and type in “2012” and check the large amount of web sites instructing you on survival tips, scientific predictions of what might happen such as a complete melt down of the polar ends, thus raising the water levels to extreme altitudes and reducing the oceans salinity to a point where the current that makes the world rotate will stop or even start to rotate in the inverse direction.

How do you think the government of all the countries will tell their people? Is one of the questions ask in the trailler of the movie “2012” supposed to be released this fall. The film looks like they will take the global warming approach, by melting the ice in the polar end of the world and rising the water level to the top of the himalaya and destroying everything in its path.

But why are we creating such commotion over 2012? And better yet, why December 21, 2012? It all comes down to the Mayan calendar were 2012 is the end of a 5,126 year cycle, an ancient civilization well known for the advanced knowledge of the astronomy. The Long Count calendar was one of several created by the ancient Maya and it consists on the following units of time:

kin = one day

uinal = 20 days

tun = 360 days (18 uinal)

katun = 7,200 days (20 tun)

baktun = 144,000 days (20 katun)
December 21, 2012, would be written as and the day after that as

Do you believe the world is going to end? The Mayan Calendar does not stop it resets itself, or maybe it means a rebirth, either way it continues to work. If the cycle is every 5,126 years, then it only means it will continue to re-occur, thus life will continue, maybe not as we know it but it will continue nonetheless, the world will probably have to forego through some extreme changes, but the world will endure it as much as it has. The question is, for how long?


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