Saturday, February 7, 2009

Free TV

If I was to tell you that you could save some money every month by turning off your cable service, would you do it? Or would you give me a question as an answer “Were would I watch TV then?” If I was to tell you that you can watch TV from the internet for free, would you believe it? Well I guess you better do, according to CNN, more and more Americans are turning their cable off to watch their favorite shows online.
New web sites like and Joost, are now uploading TV series, and shows, as well as movies for people to see them online at their on schedule. The web sites only require for you to create a free account, and voila! Now you can see all their movies in your computer or laptop.
If you are savvy in the tech field, I would suggest to you to connect your computer system to your TV and enjoy the service while you save something extra every month.


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