Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The new Team Chapter 3

Oliver has determined to play for the Niupi school, and it is time for the first day at school. As some of the school students receive him in a very welcoming way, they let him know about the inter-collegial tournament that will take place very soon. On the other hand, Roberto Sedino, who has become his new coach, also faces a personal dilemma that prevents him from playing professional soccer, but Roberto is now determined to help Oliver become a professional soccer player. Roberto has a surprise set for Oliver and the Niupi team, which will give the team new found confidence.

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Anonymous said...

This is awsome dude, I haven't seen this series in such a long time. Although I watch it from a computer with no audio, I still remember what they are talking about.
Are you going to post the whole series here? Is this the only TV series you will post or have you thought about other ones?
Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Que risa los supercampeones!, hace anios que no veia eso!!!
se cuida,


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